The Santa Barbara Film Festival

This last weekend on Sunday I checked out the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The SBIFF (Santa Barbara International Film Festival) is one of the most popular and well known film festivals in the United States bringing in more then 90,000 people each year with a variety of 200+ films, and it is one of my favorite spots! This was my first time going to the event and getting a chance to learn more about it. sbiff

Last year alone there were 52 world premiers and 52 US premieres representing film makers from over 60 different countries. This event is really cool because it gives insight into the lives of other people and other events around the world through the films that people are making. Its interesting to be able to see the creative perspectives of others it’s makes this film festival so great!sbiff2

While I was downtown I ended up talking to some of the volunteer staff members like the ones in the green shirts in the picture above. They are all over the event and are all able to answer questions. The cool thing about them is that they are all volunteers who care about the organization and our passionate about films. So this made for some really interesting conversations about the event in general.sbiff4

Another cool aspect of the SBIFF is that they have many different awards for the films in the film festival as well as recognition for many famous actors in great films. For instance Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling came to the film festival on behalf of there amazing new movie La La Land. Its interesting how such a small town can attract the presence of thousands of people and celebrities every year.sbiff5

The school I go to has something called the MAD Academy which is for media arts and design that I’m enrolled in. And there are a number of films created by students that make it into the film festival and ones that have even won awards!sbiff6

Unfortunately I was unable to attend an event this year despite it being one of the most interesting and coolest spots in town. Next year I’m planning to for sure check out a few flicks and maybe even a few of the award ceremonies and seminars. This is a great event with so much variety and exciting twists every year which makes it so unique, inspiring, and fun to take part in.

Fun: 7/10

Interactive: 4/10

Unique: 9/10

Overall: 7/10


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