Butterfly Beach, and Breaking into the Biltmore Pool

This last weekend I had the pleasure of getting to visit one of the most beautiful beaches as well as one of the most beautiful hotels in Santa Barbara! Friday was my birthday and I hosted a party down at the beach on Saturday afternoon with all my friends. It wasn’t too crowded despite being one of Santa Barbara’s most popular beaches. As well, it was low tide and a perfect day to have some fun in the sun!


Butterfly is a long open beach with lots of places to run and play perfect for a spikeball tournament, or a nice walk. Butterfly is a dog friendly beach however so if dealing with dogs off leash isn’t your thing maybe this isn’t the best spot for you.


I ended up going back again on Sunday to hang out at the Biltmore (the hotel overlooking Butterfly Beach) At the Biltmore their is tons of stuff to do! From anywhere to a putting green, croquet and a pool to tennis, a fancy dinner, or a comfy bed.


This is a very popular beautiful resort with a great natural atmosphere and is very relaxing. In the center of this jungle like paradise there is a lush putting green where I was able to play a round of mini golf. We created our own course and were able to use the putters, balls, and course free of charge making this a great start to my afternoon.


Later that afternoon after throwing on a swimsuit and heading back over to the hotel we were pleasantly surprised to find the pool gate unlocked! With nice umbrellas and towels, two large hot tubs, a 85 degree pool, and complementary watermelon cucumber water I found this to be one of the most relaxing Sunday afternoons I had had in a long time.

img_2563The Biltmore Hotel and Butterfly beach are two of my most favorite and convenient spots in Santa Barbara! If you ever have the opportunity to check out these to spots located right next to each other, I highly recommend it and know you’ll have a great time!

Fun: 10/10

Interactive: 8/10

Unique: 8/10

Overall: 8/10


One thought on “Butterfly Beach, and Breaking into the Biltmore Pool

  1. Great photos of your adventure at the Biltmore and the beach! You are making us Seattle rain dwellers jealous. Thanks for your review and blog post. Makes me want to take my family there!


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