Wandering Around the Wharf

This weekend I checked out East Beach and the Santa Barbara pier. This is a super popular spot in Santa Barbara and is interesting part of Santa Barbara’s landscape. At 2740 feet completed for the first time in 1872 it was the longest pier between LA and San Francisco. It is home to many restaurants and fun things to do!


On the wharf there is a fun interactive museum called the Sea Center! With plenty of small tide pools aquariums and touch tanks this is a great place to learn about the oceans around SB and the animals that live there! This is a great place for kids and is related to the natural history museum also here in SB. Whats cool is that if your a member at one of the two your also a member for the other one so feel free to visit whenever you want!


This is a super popular place to fish as well! Out at the end of the pier lots of people bring there tackle boxes and bait and head down to cast a few into the water! I’m not a big fan of fishing but if you are this would be THE place to go!


Out on the wharf there are also a handful of restaurants and places to shop. It is a great place to go and you’ll find a combination of both tourists and locals here. I haven’t had the chance to eat at any of the restaurants but I’ve heard from a number of friends that they are delicious! Plus with the added value of free valet parking it makes getting there even easier. Whats also cool about the wharf is that there is a place to wine taste for the adults and while doing that you can send your kids to the ice cream store right down stairs! They even make there own cones!!!


The wharf also puts on a variety of fun events including the annual Christmas parade!!! I have had the pleasure of attending the boat parade for the last two years! The first year with my family and this last year with my girlfriend, it was a blast! the night starts off with a parade of about 20-30 boats all decked out in Christmas lights and decorations, the boats travel around both sides of the pier and when they’re done there is a firework show!!! This is a great spot to check out if your in town over the holidays! I know its one of my favorite things to do to help get into the seasons!


The pier is relatively centrally located and is pretty darn hard to miss so getting there definitely isn’t a problem. Its about a 20-25 minute bike ride from my house and during the summer time its somewhere I hang out with friends often. East beach right next door is also a super popular beach in Santa Barbara especially to tourists! So if you want a calm mellow beach to just hangout I wouldn’t suggest here! However with a variety of things to do and the ability to rent paddle boards, sea kayaks, surfboards and tons of other beach gear if you want to do something unique this is the place to go!


I love the Sterns Wharf and East Beach both these places are awesome spots to check out! Whats great is that there’s always something to do doesn’t matter what season!

Fun: 9/10

Interactive: 9/10

Unique: 7/10

Overall: 8/10 Another awesome spot to check out!!!!



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