Fresh Food at the Farmers Market

The Santa Barbara farmers market, let me say one of the most beautiful places to be and check out some fresh and delicious food! Almost every week my mom and I will take a trip to the farmers market on Tuesday afternoons after school to buy and look at the unique vendors and amazing fruits and vegetables!

The farmers market is located on State Street in centrally located downtown Santa Barbara. Every Tuesday afternoon they close off the streets and 2-3 long blocks are open with tents of fresh food to purchase! As well as the State Street farmers market there are also one in Goleta on the weekends and off of Santa Barbara Street on Saturdays!

One of my favorite things to do is go around and taste test some of the things people have to offer! Fruits, vegetables, nuts, drinks, dips, there’s just so much to try and experience! The different people that work the booths with there farm/companies products are all so nice and helpful making this Santa Barbara Spot one of the most interactive and fun places to go!

At the farmers market on State Street the foundation that puts it on uses special tickets to purchase items. It makes it more fun to go and have the coupons to exchange them for the fresh produce offered! It is just such a fun place to be!!!

They have so much to offer here and its a great place to check out and purchase some fresh delicious produce! Anywhere from tomatoes to dragon fruit you name it and the odds are they’ll have it! Another bonus is that its all organic food so if your picky about how your foods grown shopping here is another great option opposed to a supermarket.

As well as local well known products there are also some rather peculiar looking fruits and veggies! Sometimes it may even be something you use all the time but just have not seen in its natural form!

The thing thats interesting about farmers markets is that they are all around the world! No matter where you go you can find someplace like a farmers market which just makes it super cool to think about how people all around the world are buying things the same way you are! Anywhere from Italy, China, Argentina, or even Ghana some form of farmers market exists, which is why I love the local market we have here in Santa Barbara!


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