High on Life-Inspiration Point

         This past weekend I checked out another awesome hike with one of my buddies Cole. After going on 7 falls a few weeks before I was in to trying something new! So we decided to go and do Inspiration Point!!!! This is definitely one of the favorite hikes Santa Barbara offers!

We met up at noon for the hike at the bottom of the trail. The thing that’s nice is that all of the hikes in Santa Barbara or the vast majority start in the same place so once you know where the trail head is your set! So we began the 45 minute to an hour trek up the mountain.When we went it was a hot sunny day on spring break so there were lots of people out and about exploring the trails and the cool wildlife Santa Barbara has to offer! With the trail going from sun to shade and back again like that it was plenty hot so bring water for sure!!!

After about an hour we had reached the summit of the trail, Inspiration Point. With a view of the the entire valley below this hike was a different kind of amazing then 7 Falls, it was beautiful!! We spent a little while at the top taking pictures and just hanging out, If you wanted to this would be the perfect place for a sunset/sunrise picnic with your SO.

With boom box in hand blasting some of our favorite tunes Cole and I started the march down the hill. The music makes the hike more fun in my opinion so if you have a small portable speaker you might wanna bring it just for fun.

The trail itself isn’t too difficult, with a injured ankle Cole was still able to do it so if your not in the best shape of your life or have physical problems this hike isn’t too rough compared to the other trails Santa Barbara has to offer.

While making the final decent down the hill and back to the main trail Cole and I heard a faint rattle, stopped in our tracks and super scared we looked around being careful not to move too fast. We finally spotted the rattlesnake, at around 6 feet black and ready to strike this monster nearly scared the crap out of both of us!!!!! As soon as we saw it Cole bolted and I followed suit, nearly eating it on some rocks and screaming we ran down the hill!!! So needless to say watch where you step and keep your eyes and ears open while exploring! Its a beautiful but dangerous place to be.

Fun: 10/10

Interactive: 10/10

Unique: 8/10

Overall: 9/10 Another awesome spot to check out!!!!


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