Loving Life in Laguna

Like my trip to San Francisco sometimes you need a little bit of time away from home. So this blog post you will get a chance to learn about some awesome things to do in Laguna/Newport Beach!!! Only about two and a half hours away Laguna is the best place to have a weekend away! With so much to see and do I promise you, you will be moving a million miles an hour and will never run out of things to do!

      I have been around Newport Beach and Laguna my whole life, its where I was born and is where I spend a lot of my time during vacations, so needless to say I’m an expert. This weekend I was especially fun because I got to host my girlfriend while I was there and show her around!The first thing we did and what I would recommend would be to go to Fashion Island. If you want a fun place to shop and walk around or get a bite to eat this is one of the best places to do all of the above! Fashion Island is an outdoor mall so getting to walk around and enjoy the fresh air and sun while you shop is a bonus! With plenty of fountains, live music performers, and even a fish pond this extravagant mall is kid/dog friendly and is an awesome spot!Next up we have Balboa Island!!! This is probably my favorite place to go while I’m down south! The Island itself is right in between two channels where there are hundreds of boats parked and ready to get taken out to the open sea. As well there are tons of cute homes and little boutiques and shops! This is probably the cutest part of Newport and Laguna. Across the main big channel there’s a fun zone! accessible by ferry you can drive your car, bike or other vehicle across the channel or even just yourself. At the Fun Zone there is a lot to do! With a Ferris Wheel, about 5 arcades, and many other rides and gift shops the Fun Zone is well, FUN!!!!In Newport and Laguna there are also lots of amazing beaches! Some are private beaches to the residences of the specific gated community such as Emerald Bay or Irvine Cove, but there are many amazing beaches that are open to the public! One of my favorites is Crystal Cove beach, although it is a state park and you have to pay a small fee to get access it is THE place to be! White soft sand beaches, no dogs, and great waves and tide pools, this beach has it all! Another fun one that is free but more touristy is Main Beach in Laguna, with a few volleyball courts, basketball courts, a park and some of the better tide pools and centered in downtown Laguna this is where all the tourists come and the locals stay away from. If you want to go local though check out Divers Cove. There are even some famous beaches here, The Wedge and Victoria Beach are two extremely famous beaches for huge sets and great skim boarding!! Overall you cant really go wrong with any beach though!To wrap up some of the best places to go lets talk about food! There are so many awesome places and everything is great! My personal favorite taco place is Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, the original one is in Newport but now they are all over the coast. Anything on the menu is delicious but you have to try the taquitos!!! As for Asian food, Mandarin King is the best Chinese around and the owners are so nice, my grandparents have been eating there the whole time they’ve lived there! Then there’s the Teppanyaki place called Ichiburi this is the most fun place to eat! The chefs prepare the meal in front of you and are super funny and great people! If you go ask to have the guy pictured below though (he’s the best). You cant really go wrong with any restaurant in Newport or Laguna everything is really good and you can always cross reference online!

IMG_3147Overall awesome trip and place to visit!

Fun: 10/10

Interactive: 10/10

Unique: 10/10

Overall: 10/10 Great place to visit and check out!!!!


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