Everything at Elings Park

One of the more sporty, fun places to go in Santa Barbara is Elings Park. This park has everything to do! From a dirt bike track, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, rugby and softball fields, glamorous hiking trails and a pretty sweet playground!

Every Saturday I work as a coach at Elings for lacrosse so I’ve gotten to know the park pretty well! If your looking for a place to mess around with friends this is the place to do it! The only downside is that it is a private park so you have to pay a small fee for parking:( The upside of the park being private is that you can do what you want there! Play with your dog, throw the football around, have a beer or a lemonade, birthday party, anything you can imagine!!!

As well as the many things you can do on your own there are also a fair amount of organized camps and sports! SBLA is a lacrosse club here in Santa Barbara that has brought in kids from all different ages from 1st graders all the way up to 7-8th graders! On Saturdays like I said before I coach for all the different age groups throughout the day and get to experience the park at its whole. As well as lacrosse there are also coed rugby teams, soccer, baseball, softball, and even quidditch, which let me just say is hilarious to watch if you ever see a game going on make sure to stay and watch!

Another thing that’s cool about Elings is all the camps it has during the summer! I have personally been a counselor and camper at some of the camps Elings has to offer! One camp in particular that is pretty neat is the Peer Buddies camp! It is a camp for kids with disabilities both learning and physical, it gives them a chance to play and feel like a normal kid in a fun safe camp environment! Another camp is put on by my lacrosse coach its focus is teaching younger kids about the game and getting more people involved! This was the camp that I was a counselor at!

Elings park is a great place to hang out for any occasion and has so many things to offer and experience in the outdoors! I love to hangout there and Im sure if you went to check it out you would too! So its definitely a must do for a freed up weekend afternoon!

Fun: 10/10

Interactive: 10/10

Unique: 8/10

Overall: 9/10 Another awesome spot to check out!!!!



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