Mexican Food on Milpas

If you ever felt the need for some amazing Mexican food or just a cheap taco then Mexican food on Milpas is the best!!! There are 10 different restaurants serving Mexican cuisine and each one is unique and delicious! Here are some of my favorites…

Los Agaves: This larger restaurant is on the more expensive side but quality and quantity are its two middle names! With huge satisfying portions and delicious handpicked produce and the freshest meats, this spot is amazing! They have nearly every Mexican dish you can think of, tacos, taquitos, burritos, fajitas, soup, and NACHOS! On their menu the nachos are a must order this is the by far the largest plate of nachos you will ever see and it is topped with some yummy goodness! Its heaven in your mouth lets just put it that way! Another one of my favorites is the fajitas, it’s perfect to share with a hot date! or just your sister.

One piece of advice though if you decide to make a great decision and go to Los Agaves is to get there a little earlier than you would expect. On a Friday night or really any day of the week the line gets long and goes out the restaurant! Plus their handmade margaritas sell out fast so if you’re in the need of a good drink after a long week of work your gonna want to show up FAST!

El Taqueria Bien Gusto: This is a local whole in the wall Mexican joint that is particularly small. However, because it’s located only two blocks from the local high school this is an ideal place for them to walk to so beware of huge waves of kids pouring in around 12:15 ish. However, their customer service is amazing, and don’t even get me started on their tacos! At only a $1.50 my oh my those little tacos are delicious! Everything on their menu is great!!! They even have some more exotic traditional choices like a beef tongue so if you want some down home Mexican I would go here!

Santa Barbara is practically known for their wonderful Mexican food so really… any choice you make on where to eat is a good one! So go out and try someplace new and get to experience yet another cool spot in Santa Barbara!!!!

Fun: 8/10

Interactive: 8/10

Unique: 8/10

Overall: 8/10 Another awesome spot to check out!!!!


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