Running Around the Rose Garden

The Santa Barbara Mission, a place of history and beauty!!! As we venture closer and closer to summer we start to think about places to go outside and how to enjoy the nature and beauty Santa Barbara has to offer. What immediately comes to mind for me is the rose garden and the SB mission.

The rose garden in particular is an amazing place to hang out! You could do almost anything here and it fits all age groups and types of people!!! Whether you just want to come and walk through the gardens and smell the flowers, or have a picnic or even a birthday party this is the place to do it!!! The whole area is dog free too so if you just wanna walk or throw the ball for your pooch then its the perfect place (just please pick up after them!)

The park or garden is a really big size with a large open grassy area so if you wanted to go and play some sports this place is ideal! Sometimes on the weekends I’ll go and play catch or spikeball which I would highly recommend getting!!! And if Im not playing a game sometimes Ill just go for a nice relaxing picnic with my girlfriend which is also a good spot if your looking for a fun date idea! Young or old, short or tall, happy or sad the rose garden is the place to go and have fun! So PLEASE go check it out!!!!

The Mission itself is a huge part of Santa Barbara history and California history in general! It is still a functional church that many Santa Barbara residents go to every Sunday! As well you can get a tour of the amazing architectural structure by a docent or just take the tour yourself at your own pace and take in the history and beauty!  The Santa Barbara Mission is a very important part of our history and it is one of the most popular places to go and check out! Comment below some of your favorite parts of California and any cool stories you have!

Fun: 9/10

Interactive: 8/10

Unique: 10/10

Overall: 9/10 Another awesome spot to check out!!!!


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