Chillin on Coast Village

   Montecito, California a place of beauty, expensive houses, long driveways, and fast cars, and at the heart of it all is Coast Village. Coast Village is the center of Montecito, hosting nearly anything! shops, restaurants, boutiques, and of course Starbucks (What shopping area doesn’t have a Starbucks?!)

Where to even begin? How bout some of the amazing restaurants?! Lucky’s is the classic go to for much of the people here who can afford the expensive steaks and entrees. However, if your looking for a nice white table cloth environment, good food, and valet parking this is the place to go! Although I have never eaten there I know the manager and can say that it is delicious based off the personal opinions of those that eat there.

As well as Lucky’s there’s the Honor Bar, this is the perfect place to grab a drink or a quick bite to eat its outdoor patio atmosphere lined with yellow umbrellas will surly make you want to come back again! There’s also Los Arroyos!!! This awesome Mexican place is great! being able to sit inside or outside is fun and the service/ food is spectacular!!! Fun Fact this was the first place I ate when I moved to Santa Barbara a few years ago!

Coast Village also has lots of shops and necessities stores! Theres anything from a UPS Store to a Vons… so whether you need to get the mail or get some Lean Cuisine for dinner most likely coast village has it!!! Clothing, food, beauty products, and even olive oil Coast Village is the place to shop!

Coast village is also home to many places to stay! The Montecito Inn is located right on the main drag and even has a pool! But if your feeling something a bit more fancy the 4 Seasons Biltmore is located just down the street!!! I talked about it in an earlier blog post so if you want the details on this marvelous hotel then you should check that out! Anything can happen on coast village so check it out whats the worst that can happen?!

Fun: 8/10

Interactive: 8/10

Unique: 9/10

Overall: 8.5/10 Another awesome spot to check out!!!!


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