Santa Barbara Sunken Gardens

The Santa Barbara State House, home to THE best view in the whole city!!! This historic monument is the tallest building in the city so you could imagine it has the best view as well!!! Also known as the sunken garden the whole State House is absolutely gorgeous!IMG_3319

In the actual gardens there is a variety of beautiful flowers and plants surrounding the courthouse! The sunken garden is a large grass field accompanied by many trees and bushes native to California! My personal favorite is the magnolia tree though I love the flowers and the overall look of the tree! I actually took photos there for my Winter Formal dance which was really fun and a great spot! Many people actually get married here at the Santa Barbara Court House and this beautiful structure and the surrounding area makes it a prime location for pictures!!IMG_3300

The Court House also puts on a number of events! Concerts, art shows, and even church! This spring I had the pleasure of attending the Easter Sunday service where heroic Nick Vujicic a disabled religious spokes person came and talked to us about his life with no arms or no legs. It was very inspiring to see him walk around on his one small foot with 3 toes all along the stage. He is an inspiration to all and if your ever in town for Easter definitely go to the service in the sunken gardens its absolutely incredible!!!!IMG_3311

As well as the sunken gardens theres the actual court house itself! This building constructed in the early 1900’s has been a building of history in Santa Barbara! With murals all over and plenty of historic pieces this is a wonderful place to go to learn more about our wonderful city!!!IMG_3305.JPG

At the top of the court house tower theres a viewing area!!! Up a few stories of stairs or just one fast elevator ride you can be at the best view of in the whole town as its one of the highest public access buildings in the city!!! With a 360 degree view this is definitely one of my favorite places without a doubt! So if you have time you should check it out!



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