Captivating Cars

This is a special blog post on one of Santa Barbara’s special events: The Santa Barbara Car Show!!!! This last weekend I had the pleasant surprise to get to attend the car show on State Street in downtown SB! I was originally going to take a trip downtown to see a movie with my buddy cole, but upon pulling into the parking lot right off of State Street we saw the madness outside! The entire street every single block had been blocked off and filled with thousands of cars!!!! 

The event started earlier that morning and went well into the afternoon finishing around 3:30 ish. So this really can be a whole day event! Its free and is super cool! Cole and I walked around for a good hour and a half looking at all the different elegant cars! There were cars for everyone, old classics or new sports cars this car show had it all!!! The most interesting part about this though and something I would highly recommend is getting the stories from the owners behind the cars! Ask them how they got it and just show some interest in them as well as there beautiful car and your down to hear some great stories! 

State Street is located in the heart of Santa Barbaras downtown!  Its the main drag and is really centrally located to the whole city! So just in general State street is a great place to check out filled with many great SB restaurants and stores as well as larger department stores! State Street really is THE place to go and shop and find something new and cute! 

After looking at the cars for a while we got hungry and decided to find a lunch spot! Kyle’s Kitchen just down the street across from Paseo Nuevo and the mall district is a awesome spot!  They have some great food! Burgers, salads, sandwiches, and even milkshakes and some delicious lemonade!!!! Kyle’s Kitchen has it all and is an affordable awesome  spot to eat!!! If your ever downtown check it out and see what its all about! I promise you its great!

In general this was a wonderful weekend full of great Santa Barbara Spots to check out!


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