IMG_1004.JPGHey everybody! I’m Grant Bennett a 16 year old student at Santa Barbara High School searching for the best places to hang out and make memories in Santa Barbara. Exploring the outdoors and discovering and participating in new experiences everyday is my goal, whether it be a hike, beach day, or a new restaurant finding the coolest spots in town is important to me! I try and make my experiences with someone else it helps make activities more fun and enjoyable. On this blog you’ll be able to tune into some of the things I love to do with my friends, as well as brand new spots I find!IMG_1191.JPG

If you have any suggestions of places I should check out feel free to get in touch with me and share your experiences! I always love learning about the best places in town. Contact information in profile.

I also had SUPER FAST red shoes when I was littleIMG_2532.JPG