Chillin on Coast Village

   Montecito, California a place of beauty, expensive houses, long driveways, and fast cars, and at the heart of it all is Coast Village. Coast Village is the center of Montecito, hosting nearly anything! shops, restaurants, boutiques, and of course Starbucks (What shopping area doesn’t have a Starbucks?!)

Where to even begin? How bout some of the amazing restaurants?! Lucky’s is the classic go to for much of the people here who can afford the expensive steaks and entrees. However, if your looking for a nice white table cloth environment, good food, and valet parking this is the place to go! Although I have never eaten there I know the manager and can say that it is delicious based off the personal opinions of those that eat there.

As well as Lucky’s there’s the Honor Bar, this is the perfect place to grab a drink or a quick bite to eat its outdoor patio atmosphere lined with yellow umbrellas will surly make you want to come back again! There’s also Los Arroyos!!! This awesome Mexican place is great! being able to sit inside or outside is fun and the service/ food is spectacular!!! Fun Fact this was the first place I ate when I moved to Santa Barbara a few years ago!

Coast Village also has lots of shops and necessities stores! Theres anything from a UPS Store to a Vons… so whether you need to get the mail or get some Lean Cuisine for dinner most likely coast village has it!!! Clothing, food, beauty products, and even olive oil Coast Village is the place to shop!

Coast village is also home to many places to stay! The Montecito Inn is located right on the main drag and even has a pool! But if your feeling something a bit more fancy the 4 Seasons Biltmore is located just down the street!!! I talked about it in an earlier blog post so if you want the details on this marvelous hotel then you should check that out! Anything can happen on coast village so check it out whats the worst that can happen?!

Fun: 8/10

Interactive: 8/10

Unique: 9/10

Overall: 8.5/10 Another awesome spot to check out!!!!


Beautiful Day at the Bacara

This past weekend/week I had the luxury of getting to stay at the Bacara Resort and Spa for my dads work. I was surprised late Tuesday afternoon and was told to drive there immediately after my lacrosse game! I was very excited!

The Bacara is a beautiful resort located right along the coast line up in Goleta! Isolated and full of beautiful scenery this is an amazing natural hotel! When we first got there we pulled our car up to the valet and had it parked for us while we checked in. Up front were all the super nice expensive cars so it was fun to take a look at while I waited for our room! The lobby is beautiful full of amazing natural center pieces, fresh fruit (free to take), and wonderful service I can guarantee that your stay here will start off strong!!!

After checking in we headed to our room, located right on the water we could literally see the waves crash from the balcony! Our room was very nice and spacious! With the help of two roll away’s and a blow up mattress we brought from home we managed to fit all five members of my family including our dog Beesely into the room.

After getting a lay of the land we headed off to the pool/spa!!!! Ahhh with 2 AP tests coming up this is a great place to relax and relive stress, whether your on a honeymoon or just a break from school!!! The pool is HUGE, there are actually 2 of them as well as 2 hot tubs located near there respective pools. With cabanas to purchase you could set up in your own private little area and just enjoy a nice hot day by the pool!!! That’s exactly what I planned to do:) As well as the pool though the beach is located only a few feet away!!! So you can even take a dip in both if you like, just beware of the tar!!!(There’s a lot)

As well as fun things to do like swim in the pool, there are also a number of great places to eat!!! At the Bacara everything is about atmosphere and when it comes to restaurants the Bacara knows its stuff!!!

Overall, this hotel is absolutely jaw dropping beautiful!!! I promise you that if you stay here you will enjoy yourself and company as well as the amazing landscape, pool and restaurants!!! Hands down if you want a great place to stay this is the one!


A Weekend Away in the Big City

Sometimes you need to travel a little bit and find cool spots somewhere else! So this past weekend I took a trip to San Francisco! My family and I were super excited to take a trip to the city and were eager to get there so we left bright and early Friday morning.

After a long 6-7 hour drive we finally made it to the Claremont Hotel where we were staying. The Claremont is a very famous hotel with lots us stuff to do for all ages! There’s 3 pools, a hot tub, lots of workout rooms, adult bars, restaurants, tennis courts and so much more!  But when we got in we didn’t spend much time enjoying the amenities because we had to go to the best pizza place in the WORLD!

img_2606Zachary’s!!! this local spot is home to the Bay Areas best pizza since 1983! They’re known for there amazing deep dish Chicago style pizza, and fun Zachary pizza inspired art. With so many unique pizzas coming in all different shapes and sizes there are lots of yummy options to pick from! One of which is the spinach mushroom pizza which happens to be my favorite pizza on the menu!


With over 175 awards and voted the Bay Areas 4th most popular restaurant this is a great spot! These huge messy slices eating this slice of heaven requires a fork and knife! (Unless your feeling down to get messy) When we got there we lucked out and didn’t have too much of a wait but by the time we left the line was out the door and around the corner! Proving that this is not only one of my favorite places to dine but also hundreds of others.


After a delicious meal the next day we were ready to hit up the city. Taking the BART or Bay Area Rapid Transit is the best way to get around and over 400,000 people take it everyday! Make sure when riding though to hold on to something or find a sit flying into a random person next to you is not an ideal situation to be in!!! Take it from me I learned from experience!img_2651

While in the city we checked out a bunch of cool stores and places around the city! The converse store is a must see! You can customize your own shoes and they can print them out right in front of you and you can take them home that day! As well Union Square is a very popular place to hang out and check out some local art or some street performers! img_2655

To cap off this awesome trip my family and I traveled to another great restaurant! Barney’s Burgers! Another amazing spot home of the infamous Barney Burger a pound burger topped with just about anything you could imagine on top! This local burger joint has about 25 different burger options from a Western burger to a Baja burger the possibilities are endless! As well each burger you have the option for ground meat, turkey, chicken, salmon or a veggie patty so these amazing specialty burgers are perfect for anyone! This is a great spot and anything on the menu is DELICOUS!!! (Especially there Oreo or chocolate malt shakes) img_2697

Overall this was a great trip away from Santa Barbara and anyone looking for a weekend away or a nice family vacation for the week theres so many things to do!

Fun: 10/10

Interactive: 10/10

Unique: 10/10

Overall: 10/10 Amazing trip!!!!!

Butterfly Beach, and Breaking into the Biltmore Pool

This last weekend I had the pleasure of getting to visit one of the most beautiful beaches as well as one of the most beautiful hotels in Santa Barbara! Friday was my birthday and I hosted a party down at the beach on Saturday afternoon with all my friends. It wasn’t too crowded despite being one of Santa Barbara’s most popular beaches. As well, it was low tide and a perfect day to have some fun in the sun!


Butterfly is a long open beach with lots of places to run and play perfect for a spikeball tournament, or a nice walk. Butterfly is a dog friendly beach however so if dealing with dogs off leash isn’t your thing maybe this isn’t the best spot for you.


I ended up going back again on Sunday to hang out at the Biltmore (the hotel overlooking Butterfly Beach) At the Biltmore their is tons of stuff to do! From anywhere to a putting green, croquet and a pool to tennis, a fancy dinner, or a comfy bed.


This is a very popular beautiful resort with a great natural atmosphere and is very relaxing. In the center of this jungle like paradise there is a lush putting green where I was able to play a round of mini golf. We created our own course and were able to use the putters, balls, and course free of charge making this a great start to my afternoon.


Later that afternoon after throwing on a swimsuit and heading back over to the hotel we were pleasantly surprised to find the pool gate unlocked! With nice umbrellas and towels, two large hot tubs, a 85 degree pool, and complementary watermelon cucumber water I found this to be one of the most relaxing Sunday afternoons I had had in a long time.

img_2563The Biltmore Hotel and Butterfly beach are two of my most favorite and convenient spots in Santa Barbara! If you ever have the opportunity to check out these to spots located right next to each other, I highly recommend it and know you’ll have a great time!

Fun: 10/10

Interactive: 8/10

Unique: 8/10

Overall: 8/10