Captivating Cars

This is a special blog post on one of Santa Barbara’s special events: The Santa Barbara Car Show!!!! This last weekend I had the pleasant surprise to get to attend the car show on State Street in downtown SB! I was originally going to take a trip downtown to see a movie with my buddy cole, but upon pulling into the parking lot right off of State Street we saw the madness outside! The entire street every single block had been blocked off and filled with thousands of cars!!!! 

The event started earlier that morning and went well into the afternoon finishing around 3:30 ish. So this really can be a whole day event! Its free and is super cool! Cole and I walked around for a good hour and a half looking at all the different elegant cars! There were cars for everyone, old classics or new sports cars this car show had it all!!! The most interesting part about this though and something I would highly recommend is getting the stories from the owners behind the cars! Ask them how they got it and just show some interest in them as well as there beautiful car and your down to hear some great stories! 

State Street is located in the heart of Santa Barbaras downtown!  Its the main drag and is really centrally located to the whole city! So just in general State street is a great place to check out filled with many great SB restaurants and stores as well as larger department stores! State Street really is THE place to go and shop and find something new and cute! 

After looking at the cars for a while we got hungry and decided to find a lunch spot! Kyle’s Kitchen just down the street across from Paseo Nuevo and the mall district is a awesome spot!  They have some great food! Burgers, salads, sandwiches, and even milkshakes and some delicious lemonade!!!! Kyle’s Kitchen has it all and is an affordable awesome  spot to eat!!! If your ever downtown check it out and see what its all about! I promise you its great!

In general this was a wonderful weekend full of great Santa Barbara Spots to check out!


Mexican Food on Milpas

If you ever felt the need for some amazing Mexican food or just a cheap taco then Mexican food on Milpas is the best!!! There are 10 different restaurants serving Mexican cuisine and each one is unique and delicious! Here are some of my favorites…

Los Agaves: This larger restaurant is on the more expensive side but quality and quantity are its two middle names! With huge satisfying portions and delicious handpicked produce and the freshest meats, this spot is amazing! They have nearly every Mexican dish you can think of, tacos, taquitos, burritos, fajitas, soup, and NACHOS! On their menu the nachos are a must order this is the by far the largest plate of nachos you will ever see and it is topped with some yummy goodness! Its heaven in your mouth lets just put it that way! Another one of my favorites is the fajitas, it’s perfect to share with a hot date! or just your sister.

One piece of advice though if you decide to make a great decision and go to Los Agaves is to get there a little earlier than you would expect. On a Friday night or really any day of the week the line gets long and goes out the restaurant! Plus their handmade margaritas sell out fast so if you’re in the need of a good drink after a long week of work your gonna want to show up FAST!

El Taqueria Bien Gusto: This is a local whole in the wall Mexican joint that is particularly small. However, because it’s located only two blocks from the local high school this is an ideal place for them to walk to so beware of huge waves of kids pouring in around 12:15 ish. However, their customer service is amazing, and don’t even get me started on their tacos! At only a $1.50 my oh my those little tacos are delicious! Everything on their menu is great!!! They even have some more exotic traditional choices like a beef tongue so if you want some down home Mexican I would go here!

Santa Barbara is practically known for their wonderful Mexican food so really… any choice you make on where to eat is a good one! So go out and try someplace new and get to experience yet another cool spot in Santa Barbara!!!!

Fun: 8/10

Interactive: 8/10

Unique: 8/10

Overall: 8/10 Another awesome spot to check out!!!!

Fresh Food at the Farmers Market

The Santa Barbara farmers market, let me say one of the most beautiful places to be and check out some fresh and delicious food! Almost every week my mom and I will take a trip to the farmers market on Tuesday afternoons after school to buy and look at the unique vendors and amazing fruits and vegetables!

The farmers market is located on State Street in centrally located downtown Santa Barbara. Every Tuesday afternoon they close off the streets and 2-3 long blocks are open with tents of fresh food to purchase! As well as the State Street farmers market there are also one in Goleta on the weekends and off of Santa Barbara Street on Saturdays!

One of my favorite things to do is go around and taste test some of the things people have to offer! Fruits, vegetables, nuts, drinks, dips, there’s just so much to try and experience! The different people that work the booths with there farm/companies products are all so nice and helpful making this Santa Barbara Spot one of the most interactive and fun places to go!

At the farmers market on State Street the foundation that puts it on uses special tickets to purchase items. It makes it more fun to go and have the coupons to exchange them for the fresh produce offered! It is just such a fun place to be!!!

They have so much to offer here and its a great place to check out and purchase some fresh delicious produce! Anywhere from tomatoes to dragon fruit you name it and the odds are they’ll have it! Another bonus is that its all organic food so if your picky about how your foods grown shopping here is another great option opposed to a supermarket.

As well as local well known products there are also some rather peculiar looking fruits and veggies! Sometimes it may even be something you use all the time but just have not seen in its natural form!

The thing thats interesting about farmers markets is that they are all around the world! No matter where you go you can find someplace like a farmers market which just makes it super cool to think about how people all around the world are buying things the same way you are! Anywhere from Italy, China, Argentina, or even Ghana some form of farmers market exists, which is why I love the local market we have here in Santa Barbara!

Wining and Dining at the Santa Barbara Public Market

This weekend I did something new! I went to the Santa Barbara Public Market, this is a smaller indoor market full of about 10 different restaurants and food vendors! On Friday night with my Dad and two little sisters out of town for volleyball my mom and I had a “date night”. After coming home after lacrosse practice that afternoon my mom and I were trying to decide where we wanted to go out to dinner and what our plans for the evening were. After surveying our options and looking at Yelp reviews we decided on a noodle bar called Empty Bowl in the public market.


It was supposed to be pretty good weighing in at 4.2 stars on Yelp and holding the title of best noodle bar in Santa Barbara, so my mom and I were looking forward to trying it and checking it out!

We should up to the Public Market with the hope of a amazing dinner, when we walked in the market was packed with tons of people at all the different restaurants and stores. Empty Bowl was right in the center of the action, it was a smaller restaurant with only about 18 seats at the bar itself. Finding two seats was hard but with my killer instincts I was able to snag some quick!

We sat down and got to looking at the food! I was really excited because I love Asian food and if you do this is definitely a spot to check out! It had a smaller menu with about 4 starters, 4 soup noodles, and 4 stir fry noodle options. My mom and I decided to order the Thai curry soup noodle, pad Thai stir fry noodle and a round of pot stickers!

The food came out relatively fast within 20 minutes or so, if your in a hurry though they have a to go option. Once our hot steamy plates of yumminess showed up we chowed down and dug in to the delicious food we had ordered!

The menu surrounds all kinds of dietary restrictions. You can order egg noodles, rice noodles, or whole wheat noodles. As well as protein options you can order tofu, chicken, shrimp, beef, or fish with your food. So the possibilities are endless!!!

At the Public Market there are a wide variety of different restaurants besides Empty Bowls, including places like Corazon Cocina serving delicious Mexican food daily! Or even Rori’s Ice Cream, I’a Fish Market and Cafe, and there’s a winery so you can taste some of the hundreds of different bottles they have to offer!

This is an awesome spot! Both the Empty Bowls and the Public Market in general are awesome places to take a look at any day of the week! It was a new experience for me but I know this is going to turn into one of my favorite spots already!!!

Fun: 7/10

Interactive: 8/10

Unique: 9/10

Overall: 8/10 Another awesome spot to check out!!!!